IDS printer will not save settings that I want

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Hello, I have been using my current rig ( lap top, IDS , VCM2) for 2 months now, and I have noticed that after adding a wireless printer ( Epson WF100 ) that I am no longer able to pint to PDF within Ford IDS. Switching printers within IDS and going back into printer settings it will always remember / default to the printer on the network? So I found work around if I turn off wi fii and then print to PDF it will work.. a pain when other online resources are needed.

Any Ideas? here is video showing example,

UPDATE 2/28/19 8:30AM EST

uploaded new video above with sound !

I added the WF printer early on and I cant recall if this issue started right after that or few weeks later.. I uninstalled the WF 100 and problem still preset, reinstalled (from web site) and still there. Note all other applications ( cloud based, or pc based) maintain print to pdf and work properly.

Windows 10 Pro,

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Hi Brian: Win 10 uses separate its own drivers for that beast. Are you running drivers installed from a disk or their website? If the former, you may wish to try the latter. Looked up the wrong printer. Sorry about that. epson​.​com/Support/Printe… It sounds like a printer driver issue bumping heads with Microsoft's pdf editor. If you're using a 64-bit install, you may wish to

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Thanks for taking the time trying to help! I made better video with audio this time.. I did uninstall wf 100 and the problem is still present. Reinstalled ( from the website) and same problem. running windows 10 pro,

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Hi Brian: Unless I was really doplic, the user guide indicates that your WF printer is capable of saving files as a pdf. That file then can be e-mailed. I was curious if you can turn that function off to see if it fixes the issue. The other thoughts would be to install just the basic drivers from the website instead of the complete suite or try the Win 10 drivers. HTH, Guido

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I have found Microsoft's PDF printer to be to buggy too use. Sooner or later you will have a problem with it. Because of that I recommend to all my computer customers that they use the free version of Foxit PDF Reader. So far I have never had a problem or had a customer have a problem with that software. It is great for creating, reading or printing PDFs to a file. The only thing is to make

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Have you reached out to ford about that? I Believe you can reach them through motorcraftservice​.​com for diagnostic tool support. Seems like a ids quirk to me. another thought I have is either update or try to delete ids, change the time and date settings on your pc and try to download an older version of ids. When are you going to start uploading YouTube videos again? I assume

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