Cal ID's?

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I am reaching out for some help on finding information when comparing current ECM CAL ID's (Mode 9) to current software available for that vehicle. GM keeps it pretty easy by offering the info on their site: tis2web​.​service​.​gm​.​com/tis2web

My question would be other than finding a TSB pertaining to a specific software on updates on other makes, or having an OE tool such as IDS or WiTech that enlighten you to an update, is there other places on the web that you can compare current vs new?

I know this is a pretty broad question.

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For Fords you can go to the Motorcraft service website under free resources and quick links. motorcraftservice​.​com/Reprogramming… I have noticed that the library may not be all the way up to date as I have found updates for modules at the listed latest calibration.

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For FCA vehicles the J2534 Flash Availability document is here: kb​.​fcawitech​.​com/article/329/j2… . Note that it is no longer in the DCCTools: Knowledge Base as that website has been retired. It lives in the wiTech2 website under the Public Articles folder. The 2010 and newer J2534 API does identify the latest flashes but you can still use this document to ID the latest flashes for all FCA

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I can post a link to the Chrysler file when I get back to work in the morning

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See this post for some more discussion on this topic: diag​.​net/msg/m4jaglwgtn…

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