Major File Improvements and a new Resource type (Version 1.3)

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We've made massive improvements to file uploading, viewing, and sharing:

  • You can now attach video, document, and tool data files to your posts!
  • We support embedding all file types in your messages. Just include a link to your files within your post, and those links will turn into embedded views when the message is viewed.
  • It's easier to embed files: while editing your message, just click the thumbnail of any files you've uploaded, and you'll see a new menu. Choose "Embed File" to append a link to the file in your message. Or choose "Copy Link" if you'd rather link specific text to the file. Embeds appear below the paragraph they're linked in.
  • The gallery viewer is much improved — this is the view you see when you click a thumbnail
  • Every file that's attached to a message has it's own landing page now
  • Homepage message stream now shows file attachment thumbnails on previously read discussions

Resource Type

In addition, we have a new message type you can choose when posting a new message: Resource. This is a special type of message that does not appear in the homepage message stream, and does not generate any email notifications to members when posted. However, resources are returned when a keyword search is performed.

Here are a few example resources that Scott Brown just posted:



You'll notice these aren't showing up in the homepage message stream, but a search for waveforms does surface them.

Resource Library

We will use the new Resource type to help build a Resource Library on DN that everyone can benefit from. Many members have expressed an interest in sharing waveforms, scan data, technical photographs, documents, and other data files you've created over the years. Or perhaps you have written a lot of case studies and wanted to post them, but didn't want to overwhelm everyone with a barrage of posts.

Now you can now post these as resources, and you don't have to worry about your volume of posting. These will show up in search results, not in the homepage message stream.

Some recommendations when posting resources

  1. In addition to specifying Resource as your message type, be sure to choose the most relevant topic (or two), a descriptive title for your post, and tag it with any relevant vehicle, DTCs and symptoms.
  2. We'd recommend grouping your files by vehicle, since only one vehicle can be tagged on each message. If you have many files related to one specific vehicle, you may also want to break things up into individual posts.
  3. COPYRIGHTS: Please be sure you're only uploading files and resources that you've created, or that are definitely/verifiably in the public domain. If you want to share a resource that you didn't create, please find an official link to it, and post that instead of the actual file.

As more resources are posted, we will roll out improvements to our search interface to make accessing the resources even easier. For now, you can access resources via keyword searches. You can also browse the latest resources through this secret link. We'll likely be changing the way the Resource Library is accessed in the future, so that link may be replaced with something else down the road.


If you encounter any issues uploading files, including issues where you're trying to upload a file and it's not being accepted, please contact us and include the file you're trying to upload, as well as a description of the tool/software that generated it. If it's huge, we can coordinate on a good way to get it to us.

If you have a massive number of files you'd like to share, we may be able to help. We have been building out an API, and will eventually be opening it up for outside use. Please reach out to us with information about the format and categorization of your files, and we will see what we can do.

We hope you enjoy this release. If you're interested, here are the previous release notes (v1.2).

Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas.


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