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I am looking to start expanding my test equipment and am looking at the next purchase of a current probe, both high and low current. I purchased a used SnapOn Motis scanner to use as my scope but looking for a few accessories. Looking for input from the pros as I expand my diagnostic capabilities.

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Keith Diagnostician

I will add my two cents on all the options available later when I have time, but I would urge you to CALL Jorge or Carlos at AESWave​.​com talk to them about your needs and wants. The whole team over at AES can provide you the best options for you, and they will sell you what you need, not whats the most expensive.

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Brady Owner/Technician

Hello Craig, I use pico's current probes. The low amp probes are relatively inexpensive and have worked fine for me. It's a BNC connector so you would need an adapter. A side note, I encourage you to check out picoscope scopes in general, I switched quite a few years back and there was no looking back when compared to other scopes I had used. Here's a link to the amp probe section where I buy

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Matt Diagnostician

What are your primary goals with either probe, namely the low current amp probe? I agree with Keith, the place to shop is aeswave​.​com

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Ward Technician

Good day Craig! For my old Vantage I had bought an IES?or ES? (Electronic Specialties Inc.) off the local tool truck. I have a 20/80A Model 695, and a 40/400A Model 697. They have banana plug ends and work fine. When I bought my PICO it came with a 20/60A clamp, model TA018, and a 600A model TA019. These have shielded leads with BNC ends and make very clean wave forms. You would need an adapter

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