Decontaminated Vehicles

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There have been a lot of news reports lately on vehicles undergoing decontamination due to the CV-19 issue. It seems straight-forward, right? I found the following article interesting for a few reasons. It says that aircraft appear to have suffered no damage to the electrical systems. I started thinking about the difference in specs between aircraft and vehicles. No such assurance can be made for vehicles unless/until testing has been done (vegetable oil wiring insulation, anyone?).

Bottom line, if you're searching for gremlins, or see a lot of damage, you may have an idea of why. Granted, this would usually apply more to fleet vehicles but people are people. To paraphrase Art Linkletter: "people do the damnedest things."




Matt Mechanic
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A few dealership around the Seattle area are using ozone generators in the vehicle with the vehicle running for a half hour to kill everything in the vehicle before giving back to the customer. I'm doing the same thing with the fleet vehicles I have not had any issues so far no issues.

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Dennis Owner/Technician
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Matt would you mind sharing what ozone generator in particular you are using and does iy leave a funny smell.

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Alex Owner/Technician
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We have been using the clip light «the purifier » for the last two years with good success. And yes it does leave that thunderstorm smell. Hope this helps.

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Rex Technical Support Specialist
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From the Buckeye state. Similar process. This made news weekend of April 5th. FDA initially only approved the process for 10,000 masks. DeWine, our governor has been very steady and thru this virus thing. That got him a little upset. Battelle has been developing this process since 2016. They pushed for approval to be expedited. As I understand it they had units en route to Washington state and…

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Allan Mechanic
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I take the same precautions I always have

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