ATG Schedule of Classes for: SEPTEMBER 2018

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Greetings Everyone!

… (ATG) has the following classes available for the month of September 2018. All classes run from 6:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. each night for both evenings, except where indicated below.


Whether you're experiencing a no-communication fault, U-Codes, or systems that are not operating properly, you need a flexible diagnostic plan that can adapt to the nature of the fault and the available tools. Therefore, that's how we built this all-new Vehicle Network Diagnostic Strategies training manual and seminar.

Like all ATG products, this one tackles the 'High Level Indicators' first to quickly eliminate the most possible causes. This allows you to define the type of fault, determine the network configuration and expected test values to create the best diagnostic plan for the likely causes that remain. Only then do we cover specific network topology, known-good values, and specific Scan Tool and circuit test options, so you get the details precisely when you need them.

This seminar and manual were researched in the shop from actual network opens, shorts, Scan Tool faults and module faults, as well as a number of unexpected system and component interactions.

  • Sept 5th & 6th - Ocala, FL with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 5th & 6th - Reno, NV with Rick Kelley
  • Sept 10th & 11th - Rosewell, GA with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 10th & 11th - San Luis Obispo, CA with Rick Kelley
  • Sept 12th & 13th - Manchester, NH with Gary Machiros
  • Sept 12th & 13th - Hapeville, GA with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 12th & 13th - Santa Barbara, CA with Rick Kelley
  • Sept 17th & 18th - Roanoke, VA with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 17th & 18th - Springfield, OR with Rick Kelley
  • Sept 19th & 20th - Asheville, NC with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 19th & 20th - Portland, OR with Rick Kelley
  • Sept 24th & 25th - Rohnert Park, CA with Dean Parsons
  • Sept 24th & 25th - Falls Church, VA with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 24th & 25th - Sioux Falls, SD with Eric Walker
  • Sept 26th & 27th - Sacramento, CA with Dean Parsons
  • Sept 26th & 27th - Plymouth, MA with Gary Machiros
  • Sept 26th & 27th - Norfolk, VA with Wally Mouradian
  • Sept 26th & 27th - Omaha, NE with Eric Walker


This all-new General Motors training seminar is the latest installment in our Domestic Engine Performance series, with topics arranged to maximize diagnostic efficiency by starting every discussion with 'High Level Indicators'.

You can follow a 4-hour flowchart and fix 80% of the codes and drivability complaints, or you can practice the high level approach to narrow down possible cause lists and sort through what's left in a fraction of the time. Every year General Motors engine management systems become more complex while available system information and diagnostic instructions become more generalized.

This seminar and manual were researched in the shop, and not from published repair information. Using this method, we've developed repeatable GM diagnostics based on actual failure patterns and proven best practices.

  • Sep 10th & 11th - Chicopee, MA with Kris Lewis
  • Sep 12th & 13th - Rocky Hill, CT with Kris Lewis
  • Sep 19th & 20th - Grand Rapids, MI with Kris Lewis


Bosch fuel systems and Cummins engines come together to create some confusing (and often invisible) Dodge/Ram repair information. Cummins designed the engines, but Dodge wrote the repair information. See the problem? Very little practical diagnostic information was ever published, and what there is lacks any explanation of the purpose of each test, or a clear direction to go with the results. But we have a solution!

This manual and class were designed specifically to give technicians a clear diagnostic path for engine management and emissions concerns. We spent months collecting and comparing technical information to fill in the holes, and then diagnosed and repaired these vehicles to validate everything we found.

This manual is the only place you'll find explanations that not only tell you which tests to run in what order and what the test results should be, but why, and what your options are when a test fails.

  • Sep 17th & 18th - Portage, MI with Kris Lewis

For more information or to sign up please contact .

Purchase now to reserve your seat 2 weeks before the seminar date to get the early bird pricing of $209 after which the regular price is $249.

Price includes the seat, training manual and certificate. Discounts available for multiple seat purchases.

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Wheres the So. Cal love?!? ATG rocks and I always look forward to classes by them.

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Hi Rudy, Thanks for the love!! I show that we will have Burbank on the radar soon, however, it looks as if that was taken off your account...Please let me know if you would consider Burbank as a secondary option. Thank you!Sandra

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I dont understand,my account? You mean the shop account? Did you locate me in your database or something? Yes Burbank is perfectly acceptable, I can change that if it is not an option listed for us right now.

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