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Hey guys,

i program tire sizes for a client (rail road/19.5 or 20” for hi rail use) up until 2019 I can go into programable parameters with my ids and change the tire size to the 20 inch or 19.5 option no problem but they have 3 New 2020’s so I am using FDRS (no choice) and I don’t see any option for that.... no programable parameters section and if I go through my modules I don’t see the option.... is it just not needed on these or is there a way to do that?


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You could look at aftermarket software called FORSCAN. Not sure if it will address 2020 vehicles but maybe worth a try. It is a user driven tool so it will take a little research to find methods. Usually it is about changing the As Built data in the applicable module. For instance BCM or ABS.

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For stuff like that Forscan might be worth a try. The Forscan community publishes lots of parameter info in google docs and their forums are pretty active. The software almost free and the cable is $40-$50. forscan​.​org/home​.​html obdlink​.​com/ex

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418 section of the workshop manual lists the Tire size as part of the VID block, not in their asbuilt for 2020 MY Per the shop manual it isn't an option to change. FWIW its listed the same way in 2019 With 2020 being the new body it may take a bit for FORScan to develop if its not in there yet.

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Just an update.... I spoke to for BBAS (upfitter technical support) and was sent an email saying that you do need to calibrate the tire size but for FDRS vehicles (2020+ super duty) we will have to wait for the tool to be updated to be able to do so (they are working on it but there are some programmable parameters missing in the new scan tool and as they create new updates for the tool all the…

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