SprinterCam and crank Waveform

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2007 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI 2.1L (OM 646 DE22 LA) 5-spd
Crank / No Start
Extended Crank/Start

Vehicle turning over very slow to start up Injectors removed and tested/repaired Compression good Fuel pressure good Exhaust ok Egr valve new Injectors pulsed Any waveform for cam and crank


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British Columbia

Hi John. It is hard to discern what you have done and what conditions are currently still present from your post. If you have had the diesel components serviced/repaired/tested, but have not corrected the slow cranking RPM, don't expect the outcome to be positive, since diesel engine cranking RPM is critical for starting. Diesels need a minimum cranking RPM in order to both create enough heat…

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Mike Owner/Technician
North Carolina

Have you checked the battery and starting system? Maybe has a starter dragging or bad cell.

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Steve Diagnostician

I had a Chevy Truck , that wouldn't start, the customer rebuilt engine 383. Very slow cranking rpm, I found out he had attached the ground wire to the frame instead of the engine. Replaced ground to engine and started right up.

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