Trying to Add a oem ITBCM to a 2015 Dodge Ram

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2015 Ram 1500 Sport 5.7L (T EZH) 8-spd (8HP70)
Trailer Brake Module

Customer installed a factory trailer Brake module in his Ram he asked if i could program it I told him i could give it a try. instructions said to add the option code to the vin under the service tab and then under warranty admin box, i assume that because i am using the witech with tech authority i am not able to navigate to the correct location that this is performed at. Has anyone been successful with adding oem options to the vin via after market . Thanks

Brandon Technician
Medina, Minnesota
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A quick phone call to the dealership service department will get you on your way. They need to add the option code on their side so witech sees it on the server.

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Keith Diagnostician
Collinsville, Oklahoma
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As Brandon stated, have a dealer install the feature via the DealerConnect login, then perform a "restore vehicle configuration" function in wiTECH on the module that houses the added device.

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Robert Mobile Technician
Newark, Delaware
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Have your dealer add the option code then you need to perform a "restore vehicle configuration "with witech2. It takes 5 minutes if you have witech2. Possibly the Chrysler flash application can do it? I can't comment as I've not used it.

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Paul Owner/Technician
West Collingswood, New Jersey
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Call your local CDJ dealer parts department they can change the option after that you can run the configuration with witech

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Jeff Diagnostician
Yakima, Washington
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No sure if it is Just my area but the dealers are not very helpful. Parts department Says the service department needs to add it and they can't, service department wants the whole truck so they can do the programming.

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Jeff Diagnostician
Yakima, Washington
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Thanks for the reply's, I was able to get the sales code added from a dealer in a small town about 30 mins away.

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Michael Owner/Technician
Richmond, Virginia
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the dealers in my area wouldn't do it for me either. A E Tools is the aftermarket support people for wiTech, they did it for me, great people, great support

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