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I came across this item a couple of days ago. truckinginfo​.​com/326614/interna…

While it was of some interest, I didn't consider it particularly earth shatteringly news-worthy. Today, I came across this item. internationaltrucks​.​com/-/media/navist…​.​pdf

Now, that's of interest! Sure, Navistar has used Associate Dealerships for years; i.e. Ryder, Penske, some independents, etc. This is going for scale. In 1999, International (Navistar) was 54 weeks behind in order fulfillment and it showed. (I was at Ryder then.) Quality was horrendous. Moving closer to current times, there was the after-treatment fiasco and the (anti?) marketing which went along with it. 

The financials mirrored the times. It's only been recent times that they've managed to have a quarter in the black. 2017Q4 was only the 3rd profitable quarter out of the previous 21. 2018 was profitable. This is a good thing unless it was a flash in the pan or a parlor trick. Can it be maintained though? 

The second news release shows that they are using hired guns to help cover them for warranty purposes. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. But like everything else, the devil is in the details. What wasn't mentioned is anything about training. I don't know what you know about Speedco (Love's) but they handle light repairs, tires and maintenance. Warranty repair doesn't usually fall into the quick lube category.


On one hand, it could be some serious competition to the businesses which set up shop near places like this. Let's face it. Certain businesses and business types get a reputation. Sometimes, deservedly so. Sometimes, not. I doubt that the franchised dealerships will be thrilled either.

On the other hand, the lack of training (and possibly tooling and service information - the press release doesn't say) could be just enough impetus for the nearby businesses to place them on their Christmas Card list. What it will come down to is this a real deal or is it lip service - a classic …e of when all has been said and done, more has been said than done.

While Love's mentions the agreement, they still list only JPRO as their tool du jour. Don't get me wrong. I like JPRO. I sell it. If I was still in the bays, I would own it. Then again, I know how to use it and many do not. I also know its limitations. I find it hard to believe that any OEM will pay warranty based upon use of an aftermarket tool, no matter how good it may possibly be. This is not to say they aren't using the OEM tools. It wouldn't be the first time that marketing was playing with the crayons and didn't let others know. The website may not reflect this yet.

Are they figuring that a lot of issues can be addressed by OTA? Why should you care about Navistar & Love's? Call me silly but I would think this will have a lot of eyes on it. If this pans out, I'd be surprised not to see other OEMs, car and/or truck, attempt a similar move. Implemented well, this could cause some disruption to the aftermarket. Implemented as marketing lip service? VW may end up scrambling to get as much of their investment back as possible. No matter which, it should be interesting to watch.


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I saw that today also. It is somewhat akin to (theoretical) GM partnering with JiffyLube to perform most warranty repairs (would it be the equivalent of 2 hour repairs?). I actually expect much more of this type agreement to come. Convenience can trump quality, in major part by efficiency (at least as perceived by the operator).

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