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I dont know how many people here service Saabs but I know there are quite a few mobile guys so this is something that you may run into in the course of diag or programming a vehicle.

Many part numbers of Trionic T8 engine control modules were on backorder from Saab/Orio for quite some time. Many have been recently released. These new modules have a slight difference between them and the module that they are replacing. Unlike the original T8's, these modules do not have an internal terminating resistor for the powertrain CAN bus. As such a resistor must be added. An instruction sheet is provided with the module as well as a terminating resistor and scotchlocks. The instructions have you scotchlock the terminating resistor across the bus wires in the wiring harness and then secure the resistor to the harness.

I personally am not a fan of that type of connection especially on something as important as a bus connection especially in a vibration prone area (the T8 on a 9-3 is bolted to the intake manifold). The tip here is to be aware of this if you are called to program one of these modules (make sure its installed) or are trying to diag a no comm and find an open can bus (resistor possibly not installed or a poor connection).

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Hey Tim, Thanks for the tip! I've had some exposure to those modules - if I remember right: I think they are a common failure item there may be a pattern failure of the injector circuits, I remember one that threw open/short codes for all 4 intermittently I dont _think_ they can be programmed via GM SPS/J2534 but I'm not 100% on that They are an immobilizer part together with the CIM

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Hey Andrew. Ignition switch is plug and play but you are correct on the CIM and T8 being security. A used module can be made to work if the calibration is correct or an earlier version of the correct cal. If its the wrong calibration even if the part number is right you cant change it through official means, btdt. There are some aftermarket softwares that will allow it supposedly. As far as

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You cannot do these J2534, You also have to watch if the cal numbers are different and you try to program it it fails at about 60% with no way to recover. The new ones program pretty easy. Interesting you posted this. I just did one on Monday and the customer threw the resistor and scotch locks away. I opened the original unit and snatched the resistor. I soldered it inline. I did not realize it

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