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Scan Tools are great but, sometimes you'll want to monitor Voltage on 1, 2, 3, or more circuits in real time (microseconds for intermittents) while the vehicle is being driven or maybe you want to monitor Voltages and have a trigger threshold a specific Voltage level. With hardware, microcontrollers, and software you can make any circuit or tool. Shown here is one of many circuits we have our participants build and write/code software as part of our 5-day course in Software & Electronics Boot Camp course. Next one is March 2019 in Las Vegas. Come and join us to learn some cutting-edge skills so you can build your own testing and diagnostic tools or just learn more about electronics and software! 


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Good stuff Mark! hoping to join you in July!

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Dr. Engineer
Port Angeles, Washington


Looking forward to seeing you there! Come into the class with an open mind to create anything that you want............with electroncis, microcontrollers, and software it's almost limitless!

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