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2007 Infiniti G35 3.5L (VQ35DE) 5-spd (RE5R05A)
Customer Wants Key Fob

I have a customer with a 2007 Infiniti G35 2 door coupe that is looking to add a key fob. The vehicle was purchased for one of his employees from the auction and only came with a mechanical key. He would like to add the intelligent key fob to the vehicle. This car has the rotary style knob with key slot integrated into the knob. The vehicle does not have a slot for the intelligent key fob. I had the customer order a key fob from the dealer and am trying to figure out programming it. The mechanical key works for starting the vehicle and I'm trying to make sure I don't screw it up and end up accidentally deleting the mechanical key. 

I've been reading service info and trying to understand if the fob is programmed separately or if the mechanical key is programmed at the same time. I've tried a couple tools but they all error out saying that they cannot see the fob being registered. I don't believe there is a problem with the car, I believe I am doing something incorrect. I wish this could be done with consult r2r but there immobilizer functions aren't supported.

Anyone successfully added a fob to one of these?

pics are of the key and fob type this vehicle has.

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Maybe this will help? youtu​.​be/x5EW0BxChL8 or youtu​.​be/SG2jn2_EiJU Also, that key doesn't have a chip in it.

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I was able to get this programmed! I found that the aftermarket tools would error out without much information as to of why. They would error out when entering the registration screen and just say impossible to program. At first I thought this was a tool error because I didn't have all the information on the system. I will admit I'm not well versed with Nissan's service info but I did spend…

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Welcome to the life of an auto locksmith.... Just saw this post and was going to say, look at the IKM.. but it looks like you already found that.... Between wonderful alarm installers and bad key slots, nissans are a thrill.. Great find..

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On these NISSAN cars with slot you should perform 3 programming sessions: 1) Program transponder on the key 2) Program proximity button 3) Program buttons. Multiple aftermarket tools are doing this. In order to enter Intelligent key programming menu you must enter 4 digit PIN code, which is converted from 5 digit BCM code. Special locksmith tools do it automatically nowadays. Also possible to…

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