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2012 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 6.2L (6) 6-spd (6R140)
Interior Lights Flash

My technician replaced the Body Control Module for a lighting concern. 

He programmed the module with factory software, and the vehicle starts and runs.

The interior lights flash now. 

The code is for PATS key not configured, but the vehicle starts and runs.

My tech is at a loss and we need to deliver this vehicle tomorrow. 

Any ideas?

Robert Mobile Technician
Newark, Delaware
Robert Resolution

Good afternoon. The IDS should have given you instructions for follow-up procedures. These include programming tire pressure monitoring sensors if equipped, remote key fobs if equipped, clearing defaults in the body control module, and scrolling the dimmer switch for the interior lights from off to on. Until this is performed, the body control module will not come out of plant mode.

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Chris Diagnostician
Commack, New York
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Agreed with Robert

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Gary Service Advisor
Columbus, Ohio
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Thanks Robert!! This was right on. The tech went back in and followed the directions. Truck is 100% now!!!

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Robert Mobile Technician
Newark, Delaware
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Glad to hear you got it!

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Tim Technician
Reading, Pennsylvania
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Motologic indicates that code sets if the BCM is not setup correctly, namely that the configurable engine immobilizer (CEI) is not configured. Redo the PMI and make sure to follow all steps in the correct sequence.

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Volodymyr Mobile Technician
Rancho Palos Verdes, California
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Also require 2 keys to reprogram

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Tanner Instructor
Wellford, South Carolina
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Follow the procedure Robert mentioned and you should be good to go.

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Geoff Diagnostician
Lahaina, Hawaii
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Follow directions....whoda thunk it Tan?

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Dean Owner
Albany, New York
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Perform a CEI lock configuration, do a tpms training.

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Arsalan Manager
Washington, District of Columbia
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Hello. Have you tried to BCM through Module Installation through IDS or Autel? And one more thing you need to make sure of is that you program on regular keys or key with fob during programming otherwise you will have this issue. Is its possible for you to record the screen on IDS during the programming procedure for us to see?

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Keith Diagnostician
Collinsville, Oklahoma
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After you try what Robert said, then make sure TPMS is programmed as the BCM is in factory mode (production line). You can use sensors from another truck if needed, but there mist be 4 programmed to it. Then since a new BCM is installed, the BCM and the PCM require a parameter reset to allow the BCM and the PCM to recognize each other. Also If it has Integrated Keyhead Transmitters they must

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Matt Technician
De Soto, Missouri
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I think all of the others ahead have you covered. Your tech should have been given instructions on what to do next. I recently did a BCM and until everything was completed the interior lights flashed. Follow the procedures and you won't have an issue.

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Tomi Diagnostician
Chicago, Illinois
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So like stated when using IDS it's always a good habit to read the follow up instructions. Ford varies from model to model. I'm pretty sure for this year it's the tpms not being learned that's stopping you. Some also need the remotes programmed etc. Alldata has been pretty decent in terms of looking up module programing instructions for Ford. Best of luck.

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Randall Owner/Technician
Kalkaska, Michigan
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Just as an update to this post for history search purposes. We had the same situation today with a 2015 F350. Replaced the body module and reprogrammed with Cardaq 3 plus and FJDS. The instructions that others call out below were plainly listed(attached). The issue was that when we returned to the FJDS menu(looks a lot like an IDS menu), There was no Body> option at all, let alone the…

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