Verus pro windows xp

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Has anyone upgraded their verus windows xp. with windows doing away with their older platforms im curious before I do my harddrive upgrade. 

Maynard Technician
Elmira, Ontario
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Sean, what upgrade are you considering? Many have upgraded their verus machines from A HDD to SSD, But that leaves windows xp on the new upgraded drive as well. Its worth the upgrade tho. Now if you are looking to update to windows 7 or some othjer version of windows... I think the pitfalls and nuances become very high.... there hasnt been much documentation that I have seen on that. I believe…

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Sean Technician
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Yea I'm doing the ssd upgrade now, but I was just curious about having xp on there, but I talked to my snap on guy, he said it's fine they have an agreement worked out with Microsoft

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Ralph Technician
Alpharetta, Georgia
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My understanding from Snap On was the only way to upgrade Windows XP on verus was to update the verus windows does not support XP anymore but it will update with the Verus update because of an agreement with snap on​.​For me it was better to upgrade to the Zues for the cost of a few Verus updates you get windows 7 then and I got three years of updates

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Phillip Diagnostician
Anchorage, Alaska
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I'm running widows 7 on verus pro. Haven't gotten the buttons to work other than the power button. Also screen is a not as clear as it was on windows xp, but those do not bother me. It was kinda pain to do for a minute. One thing I have notice is that it has been way more stable on the snap on suite side. But boot up time is still slow even with an SSD.

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