Torque Factor Podcast Ep. 3 - Future Technology | Secure Vehicle Interface - SVI

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This episode of the Torque Factor Podcast features Gangolf Feiter - Principal and Electrical Engineer at Concepts and Services Consulting in Germany. He is one of the key architects working on the Secure Vehicle Interface with ISO, ASAM, AutoCare, SAE, and other organizations. He joined me recently to discuss how the SVI, Telematics, the Extended Vehicle, and other communication methodologies are being proposed and developed and what impact this might have for service professionals in the future.

Podcast segments include:

  • NHTSA Recall: 19V-060 – Various Honda/Acura vehicles with fuel pump failures from … model year vehicles.
  • Case study: Diagnostic Network presents a case study and service caution on FCA vehicles and Magnetoresistive camshaft trigger wheels.
  • Employment: Jay Goninen, President and Founder at FindaWrench​.​com talks about how they help technicians prepare resumes and find great shops and how they help shops find great technicians.
  • Industry Update - PTEN Magazine and Diagnostic Network partners by supporting the new Disaster Assistance User Group is designed for members to coordinate with peers in response to disasters like the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

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