Every Day Electrical Troubleshooting

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Do your hands get sweaty when the service writer hands you a ticket with an electrical concern? Firm up your foundational knowledge and make it your own, and learn practical testing techniques that will help you successfully find and fix the more common electrical gremlins in this Motor Age/TST webinar. 

Presented by G. Jerry Truglia (president, Technicians Service Training) and myself, we’ll cover essential testing techniques you can use to speed up your electrical diagnosis and even find problems that are disguising themselves as electrical faults. Learn why reading voltage on the ground side of a circuit is a bad thing, how current can be used to test a variety of issues, tricks for locating those pesky parasitic battery drains, and more!

NOTE: This event was recorded LIVE and is offered again as a PPV recording of the original webcast. I will be standing by to answer your questions and take your comments on October 24th at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. Of course, you can select either a 90-day access option or a 12-month access option and watch as many times as you like!

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Jason Technician
Hawthorne, New Jersey
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Hey what's up Pete? I followed ur suggestion and I signed up to motor age training connect and man what a great learning experience that site had to offer. Very pleased. Also I linked up with tst for their latest class 0ct.24th. And I heard u will be doing a class in Nov. Dont know when but I will be there. Thank u sir. On the link u have at the end I click on it but no video. Can I purchase the

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Pete Instructor
Zephyrhills, Florida
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You should be able to register and complete your payment (based on the access period you want) and access it immediately. The link takes you to the registration page. Fill out the form and follow the prompts. You're going to love Eric's class in October. Hope to see you in November!

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Jason Technician
Hawthorne, New Jersey
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I'll be there for ur class professor Pete. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Take care and god bless

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G Educator
Mahopac, New York
G Default

Pete this is a good webinar that can helps techs...I know I maybe bias since you and I presented it but techs loved it live. Good information that can be used in the bays.

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