Toyota 2AR-FE #P0017

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Case Study
2011 Toyota Camry 2.5L (2AR-FE) 6-spd (U760E) — 4T4BF3EK8BR132505
P0017 — Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor B

I recently had this Camry brought to me with a check engine light concern. The vehicle was purchased at auction with unknown history. Fault #P0017 Camshaft Position Correlation (Bank 1 Sensor B) is the only fault stored. The vehicle drives normally and when looking under hood i noticed both cam control solenoids appear recently replaced... Verified solenoids function properly and control circuit was OK. So i scoped the both cams and crank diag​.​net/file/f44fw89mp… ​to compare the pattern with a known good. diag​.​net/file/f6avx8u2n… ​ ​I notice the exhaust cam is out of line - intake to crank looking fine. We recommended replacing the Exhaust Cam Sprocket not knowing what exactly we would find with tear down. After removing the exhaust sprocket and not seeing anything obvious we started checking some numbers we found this engine had a California Emissions Sprocket on a Federal Emission Vehicle (guessing this engine had been replaced with a used unit at some point) Keep your eye out for this issue!

Federal Exhaust sprocket # 130700V013

California Sprocket # 130700V020

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Nice, now I will have to start adding emissions certification to my vehicle details on my captured.

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Benjamin Diagnostician
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I had this exact issue a few weeks ago. The exhaust Sprockets are also different across year models. the customer wanted to change the ecm instead of replacing the timing components. I researched It. It won’t work. The pins are different between the ECMs. It is essential if a used engine is installed that it comes from the correct year model and emission certification. thanks for sharing.

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George Owner/Technician
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If we could just get all of the information together on things like this. The wrecking yard probably looked it up and said it will fit. Their info probably said it would fit...........Good find.

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Mike Technician
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Great catch. I would not have thought there would be a difference like that. I'd love to know the difference between California and Federal sprockets. I mean, the have to have the same number of teeth and diameter, and the ECM would just run the timing differently.

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Leonard Owner/Technician
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Is the waveform with the Calf. Emissions Sprocket a good waveform for that application? I have a Calf. emissions Camry sent to us from another shop setting a P0017. They did a full timing replacement because of code P0017 and a lot of rattling. Likely an auction car. The exhaust cam sprocket came from the dealer (so they say) so I scoped the cams & crank and it looks like the Good waveform…

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Bill Owner/Technician
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Leonard - this case study / post is from 2 years ago… from memory the known good pattern is a federal engine W/ federal ECU. The other pattern is with a California exhaust sprocket installed on a federal engine. You can check the part # on the sprocket to verify 100% if it's correct for your application. Good luck

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