In Search of Silver Bullets

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In Search of Silver Bullets - Scott Shotton  [RR 513]

Silver Bullets. We know them as fixes for diagnostic or for that matter any vehicle problem that provides a quick fix. My guest Scott Shotton says silver bullets can be used but asks you to test and prove first.

Scott Shotton is the owner of The Driveability Guys. Scott is also a mobile diagnostician, is a post-secondary instructor at Kishwaukee College and an industry trainer. Scott currently maintains 21 ASE certifications including Master Automotive Technician, Master Truck Technician, A9, L1, L2, L3, Alternate Fuels and more.

In this interview, Scott sets up the use of Silver Bullets as a resource in diagnostic work. He explains where silver bullets come from, how to use them and most importantly how to prove them before throwing a part at the problem.



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