Hyundai MDPS Coding

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2021 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.5L (A) 8-spd (A8LF1) — 5NPEG4JA1MH075430
New Column After Collision

Replaced new OE column in this Hyundai and have code C1702:55 (variant coding Error). Did inhale-exhale of old column to new with Autel Ultra, set steering angle sensor but can't find the requested 2 digits for the variant coding in the motor barcode. I have done this before on a Kia and found the code on the kia website service info. I tried the same for this car and cannot find anything. Can someone give me some guidance? Thanks

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Hard to find the coding numbers. I believe the way to get them is to log into the Kia website via the OE scantool…. And that may supply them. Rather than just logging in with a web browser….. not quite the same view is what I have heard.

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Mike Resolution

Reconnected old column and extracted coding, connected new column and inserted coding into new column with Autel and success.

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