2009 hybrid Toyota Highlander abs problem

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2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 3.3L (3MZ-FE) (P310)
Leakeage In Accumulator Abnormal

Hi DN, it's my first time posting here and I hope am doing it correctly. Before now all I do is login and read. Accumulator pump comes on and off repeatedly. Never worked on hybrid. Pls help

Paul Owner/Technician
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Do you have any codes? If not, hopefully it will fail soon as I think that model qualifies for an extended warranty campaign until 12/31/20 Dealer will change ABS accumulator/pump for free. Search for Toyota Campaign ZKC

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Isaac Owner/Technician
North Carolina
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Try to bleed the brakes first. If bleeding the brakes does not improve conditions you will more than likely need an accumulator pump. If economic circumstances dictate repairs, you can install a used pump.

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Travis Owner/Technician
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Hi! You can watch pressures on techstream, leaky accumulator. Here is extended warranty information Paul was talking about

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Uzuorji Technician
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Hi, Travis. What a surprise to see you here. This is uzuorji ….

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Steve Mechanic
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Last one I had needed the brake actuator assembly. Internal leak in accumulator, if you access the ABS module and look at accumulator pressure, you’ll see it leak down and then build up again are the pump is engaged.

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Michael Owner/Technician
New Mexico
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Toyota has extended the extended warranty on those again. They will fix it for free. They also will reimburse customer's who had it fixed at an independent shop. I replaced the pump and actuator for a customer this summer and she said Toyota sent her a check for the repair.

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