06 Silverado IGN O Fuse

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2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 4.3L (X LU3) 4-spd (4L60-E)
P0740 — Torque Converter Clutch Circuit/Open
P0753 — Shift Solenoid "A" Electrical
P0758 — Shift Solenoid "B" Electrical
P0755 — Shift Solenoid "B"

Hi Guys, have a Silverado that blows the IGN O 10 amp fuse very intermittently. Went for 3 weeks then 2 within an hour. Found …E message, No aftermarket items installed. Inspected harness from interior fuse panel to trans connector. Removed Transmission pan inspected internal wiring harness. Found nothing pinched or rubbed anywhere. Does not seem to be temp related. Can not duplicate concern in stall. Any known issues with Shift solenoids causing this or something I might be missing. Thanks 

Glenn Owner/Technician

Hi Dan, Inspect tranny harness at the retainer mounted at the top of the tranny bell housing. This harness also has portions from the under hood fuse box, so check the wiring carefully for rodent damage. Rodents love tiny places where they can eat wiring insulation.

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Mike Technician

In watching u tube videos of the transmission shop in TX. Precision transmission they,have talked about were the wires plug in the harness going into the Trans getting oil in them caused problems

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Danny Technician

I have seen the wire harness attached to the frame in the left front wheel well get rubbed thru behind the inner fender. Also check that the harness isn't rubbing on the front driveshaft I see your from the rust belt like me! Check the underhood fusebox for corrosion, i have probably doe a dozen of them so far!

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Dan Manager
Dan Resolution

Thank you for the direction. I ended up pulling the Harness completely out to inspect closer. I found a ¼ circle rubbed thru the protective housing on the top of the Bellhousing. Disassembled the harness and found 3 wires with very small rub thru the insulation. Thanks again for the help!

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