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No Comm With Wifi

Hello Group i recently purchased the HEX-NET VCDS so we could have a wireless option for VW/Audi... I have NO Comm when using WIFI. the cabled connection / USB works just fine... I have VCDS on multiple computers at the shop the one with Window 7 works fine on WIFI but Not the window 10 computer?? So maybe a computer issue??

When i go to options and test the device is found 

But when i try to go into any module i get failure to communicate.

The device will work on A-P mode (access point) but that requires me to disconnect from my internet to use :(

I have called ross-tech (no answer so far) and uninstalled the VCDS software and reinstalled. 

Any ideas ?? 

Brandon Technician
Medina, Minnesota
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Just to make sure, when plugged in via USB, you have configured the HEX-NET to be in Infrastructure mode and logged in to your wifi network? I'm assuming yes if you've gotten it to work on a Win 7 computer? Make sure VCDS is set to Net (not USB), and hit config, your device should show Infrastructure mode and have an IP address assigned to it. Since it seems like it more of a Win 10 issue, it…

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Hans Diagnostician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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I haven’t had any issues like that with win10 on mine, I usually just need to reset the router when I have an issue. the button is a little confusing on the dongle and Even now it takes me a little bit to find out when it’s connected to wifi. Try to use the configure button while attached to the usb cable and I believe you can see what networks it’s connected to.

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Bill Owner/Technician
Jackson, Michigan
Bill Update

Thanks for your ideas Brandon and Hans! Yes i have configured and connected the VCDS to my wifi and when using the refresh button i can see it is connected to the same WIFI as my computer. Firmware states up to date also. I will try resetting the router and doing the registry repair tool - i will follow up if i can get it work

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Oscar Technician
Santa Barbara, California
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I've also had issues with running the VCDS wireless. No issues with windows 10 but I've only been able to successfully run it via wireless on one computer, can't get it to go on others. With the addition of the fact that once I'm out of wifi range the scanner cuts out, I've reverted back to running it wired and have had no issues or headaches since, they really need to improve the wireless…

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Larry Mechanic
Watertown, Wisconsin
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AP mode is the best in my opinion. If you can't get it to work with the other suggestions I recommend you stick with AP. And if having the internet connected at the same time is important you can always pick up one of those USB Wifi adapters for a separate connection to the VCDS. I've used both of these with great results…

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Bill Owner/Technician
Jackson, Michigan
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Larry that is a good idea thanks! I may have to go this route. I am pulling my hair trying to make it the wifi work on my PC currently. I have used and loved the VCDS for many years i had only purchased this dongle to have wifi we have the cable version already...

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