Steering issue

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2017 Ram 2500 SLT 6.7L (L ETK 350hp) 6-spd (66RFE)—3C6UR5DL9HG756174
Kickback In Steering

I have seen multiple work trucks with this issue and have not been able to track down the issue. So when your turning either left or right hand turns the steering wheel kicks back the opposite direction of where your turning and its almost like a pulsing in the hydro boost pump but I replaced it and to no avail. Has anyone come across this issue. I never throw parts at vehicles without diagnosis but I was kinda under the gun on this one so if anyone knows the trouble shooting steps on this or a known issue with this please let me know . 

Edward Owner
San Antonio, Texas
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Andrew, I would flush the system, you might have a sticking spool valve in the pump, if that's fails check your head pressure at idle and under a load also there are recalls on this vehicle One of them is steering hopefully it stairs you correct diagnose...

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Kevin Owner/Technician
Weatherford, Texas
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Hi, Andrew. I have felt the pulsing on virtually all 4G Cummins trucks. I imagine it might be some bleed off in the pump or something under a certain amount of pressure. Since I feel it in pretty much all the trucks, I assume it is by design. I don't know if this helps, but just my experience. Good luck!

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Paul Technical Support Specialist
Lafayette, Colorado
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Any chance these have ADAS?

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Rusty Owner/Technician
Whiteland, Indiana
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several years back, and I don't know that it applies here, we had one in with that condition at a severe state, it ended up being a nylon type sleeve inside the pressure hose. The sleeve moved in the hose and was visible when disconnected.

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Andrew Technician
Odessa, Texas
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Thats exactly what I found the inner linings of the hose came apart on the high pressure side of the power steering pump

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Randall Owner/Technician
Kalkaska, Michigan
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Great thread! Exactly the kind of info that can save large amounts of time and wasted effort/expense when measured across the entire diag​.​net family. Thanks for sharing and documenting

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