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Trained By Techs is looking to send the perfect candidate to Overland Park, Kansas for an all expense paid trip to attend the Vision Hi-Tech Training & Conference. This includes paid registration for the Vision Power Pass (All training sessions from Thursday- Sunday), round trip airfare and hotel accommodations.

***Visit trainedbytechs​.​com to Enter***

All Entries must be sent in BEFORE December 21, 2018

Applicant MUST live in the lower 48 continental US States. We will provide a round trip flight to and from any major airport in the lower 48.

Applicants MUST be a Vision FIRST TIME ATTENDEE.

We are looking for a Professional automotive technician that can prove to us, their dedication and passion for the automotive repair industry. All members of TBT wholeheartedly believe that continued education via local and national training events (like Vision) are extremely important steps to becoming successful in the automotive industry.

We ask you to enter your PHONE NUMBER ONLY. We do NOT want names to influence our decision process and want the submissions to be anonymous. In the Email Box, please enter a FAKE email such as "…" to help keep the entries anonymous.

*** ALL submissions submitted with names will be disqualified!!!! ***

In your response, please include a story that answers the questions below. The longer the better!

  1. What is your current position in the automotive field? Where are you from and how long have you been in the industry?
  2. Why do YOU deserve to win an All-Expense paid trip to Vision? Share your passion for the industry with us.
  3. Is this your first time attending Vision?
  4. What type of training does your employer pay for?
  5. What steps could you, or do you take to improve the standard of the Automotive industry?
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