2012 Ram 5.7L Mechanical Misfire Diagnosis Using a Scope & Pressure Transducers

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Case Study
Pico Technology
Trained By Techs
2012 Ram 1500 Express 5.7L (T EZH) 5-spd (545RFE)

If checking an engine's ability to Suck, Squeeze, Bang & Blow using a scope and pressure transducers is wrong, then Brin Kline does not want to be right! 

Brin uses this Mechanical Misfire case study to demonstrate some of the details of these testing techniques while helping our viewers analyze the symptoms and waveforms to pinpoint the cause of the concern

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We have also included the raw files for you to play with






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Jonathan Educator
Concord, California
Jonathan Default

Brin; Good morning Sir, and thank you for another great video by Trained by Techs. I'm attaching a Case Study I did on a similar vehicle with a similar Intake Lifter Fault. The case study PDF file has some pictures of the damaged lifter assembly along with some In-Cylinder Waveforms. Keep up the good work, you and the team at Trained by Techs are definitely making a name for yourself.

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James Diagnostician
Bishop, Georgia
James Default

Saw it . Those guys always do a good job

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Stuart Mobile Technician
Blue Island, Illinois
Stuart Default

Thanks Chris for sharing.I just recently heard about "Trained By Techs" and thanks to you I watched my first episode with them​.​It was on the money​.​Thanks again

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Kyle Diagnostician
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kyle Default

Where can you get the Nicholson sensor. My google foo is weak today🤪

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Chris Diagnostician
Commack, New York
Chris Default

You can find him here, on facebook, or call him …

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Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
Dmitriy Default

I hope Brin can answer this one -- in the captures the pressure transducer shows about -2 psi for atmospheric pressure, even though the WPS500 should calibrate itself upon being turned on. What is happening with this WPS500, is it getting old? Other WPS500 captures have the atmospheric pressure dead on at 0psi (see Robert's post above, for example). This issue casts shadow on other numbers in…

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Alfredo Owner/Technician
San Gil, Colombia
Alfredo Default

Hola Chris Interesante el vídeo, soy nuevo en esto, adquirí un Picoscope 4425 y estoy en la tarea de saber como analizar los oscilogramas, Gracias porque me aclaró unas dudas que tenía. Un abrazo

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