Snap-On Battery Charger Plus & Cover Model # EEBC500 Snap On SnapOn

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For Sale Snap-On Battery Charger Plus & Cover Model # EEBC500 NEW Snap On List Price of $974.25 Offered at $650 OBO Delivery & Shipping Available.

The SnapOn Battery Charger Plus is a trickle charger, fast charger and engine starter for autos, motorcycles, ATV's, trucks and more–plus a flash reprogram power supply.


• PLUS Exclusive flash reprogram power supply maintains consistent OEM-specified voltage up to 100 A for three minutes

• ADAPTIVE Performs a unique charge cycle for each lead-acid battery type: standard, AGM, GEL and deep cycle

• VERSATILE Charges 6 V batteries, 12 V batteries and 24 V battery packs with a 4 A maintain rate, a 15 A fast rate or a 60 A boost mode

• CONVENIENT: Upper and lower battery service tool storage trays

• INTELLIGENT Automatic microprocessor-controlled operation selects algorithm to optimize the cycle without overcharging

• POWERFUL 300 amp engine start with a 20 second crank time at the 12 V setting

• INFORMATIVE In maintain and fast rates, the unit displays the vehicle battery voltage, percent of charge and alternator percent of performance

• STREAMLINED: Higher working-height handle helps relieve back strain with an excellent design that looks like no other charger

• TOUGH 10" foam-filled tires with a C-CLIP retention ride on a solid steel axle

Ismael Owner/Technician
Ismael Default

How old is it? Could you estimate shipping to Houston, Tx (77063).

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Walter Owner/Technician
South Carolina
Walter Default

I am interested would you mind giving me your number so I can call you my email is … THX Buzz

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James Mobile Technician
James Default

I will look at the Unit for a production date & source economical freight avenues. Contact phone number is …

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Mike Mechanic
Mike Default

I had 1 of these at work. A great unit. If you were closer I would think of buying it for home.

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