Ecu key not registered

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2022 Honda Civic EX 1.5L (L15BY) (M5JA)
New Airbag Module

Hello Fellow techs. I have my first Honda airbag module to register the key. I saw a previous post with a video on how to do it. The video was posted five months ago and the replies at that time were that it was not available to the aftermarket. Before I buy a subscription I was just wondering if any aftermarket guys have had luck logging in and being able to do the key registration function for the airbag module. Thanks

Robby Technician

Hi Gery, I programmed a new PCM on a 22 Civic where I had to write the ECU key. The problem I had was iHDS would open the dealer link instead of the aftermarket link. I had to call tech support for the correct link. You can see it in the screenshot.

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