2012 Nissan CAN Problem

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Case Study
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Network Communications
2012 Nissan Rogue S 2.5L (QR25DE)
Communications Failure

Here is a case study I have just completed covering an intermittent CAN failure on this Nissan Rogue that took four visits to finally see the failure. In this video I walk through the diagnostic steps taken to identify the source of the fault. 

I hope it helps.


Rob Owner/Technician
Gnangara, Australia
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Very nice Bernie, I like that fuse idea!

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Vern Diagnostician
Norfolk, Nebraska
Vern Default

Great lesson, thanks for the Information. Having a Scope makes these so much easier. It drives me nuts when I get asked how to fix a car like that and I tell them how to hook up a scope and they are lost. Techs need to learn how to use them or they will be so far behind the technology curve that they may have a hard time keeping up. Thanks again,

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John Mobile Technician
Denver, Colorado
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Thanks Bernie Great Videos. I always like it when it the hardest module to get to and the last one you check. Ever see a fuse power up more than one module?

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Shaya Mobile Technician
Jackson Township, New Jersey
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Excellent! You presented it very clearly. Thanks

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Zachary Mobile Technician
Austin, Texas
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Thanks for another excellent video Bernie. Really clear, concise, & helpful.

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Stanislav Manager
Moscow, Russian Federation
Stanislav Default

Thanks for very nice video, Bernie. But what is the advantage of using the scope in such situation, while you could do the same procedure with just scan tool connected, unplug ECUs one by one till communication appears? This is the way we usually do...

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Bernie Diagnostician
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bernie Default

Stanislav The problem with only using a scan tool for your diagnoses is you have no idea of why the bus is off line. For example on CAN high speed, if the termination resistors are missing the bus will ring allowing no communications to occur. This can occur for several different causes such as broken communications wires. If you disconnect every module on the bus you still will not establish…

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Stanislav Manager
Moscow, Russian Federation
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Well noted! Thanks for a hint, Bernie.

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Jason Technician
Lakewood, Colorado
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Thank you Bernie! Congrats on a difficult fix.

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Mike Owner/Technician
Keithville, Louisiana
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Thank you so much Bernie

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Phil Technician
Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Phil Default

Nice video. I haven't tried to pull a fuse to verify a communication fault. I'll have to remember that. It is truly amazing though how frequently it seems to be the more difficult modules to access that are causing the issue. Part of me almost wants to start at the hardest to access modules first :-) Of course that will be the one time that it would have been the easiest to access module causing…

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Joe Diagnostician
Midland, Texas
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Complete mastery thank you Bernie!

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Rick Technical Support Specialist
Saint Charles, Missouri
Rick Default

Well Done. Is there potential damage to modules when connecting and disconnecting modules in this procedure with system powered up at all times? I know you had to test in this manor due to intermittent failure of the SRS module. Due you normally recommend to power down or key off when connecting/disconnecting? Is this no longer a factor of damaging a module? Thanks for the great procedure…

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Bernie Diagnostician
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bernie Default

Rick Under normal circumstance it would always be best to power down the system before disconnecting or reconnecting modules. However in some circumstances this is not possible if your intent is to locate the problem on the bus. Under these circumstances I have been disconnecting modules with power on for over 20 years, so far I have not had any problems.

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Janan Technician
Brampton, Ontario
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Bernie, you are AWESOME always learn some thing new from ya really appreciate ur time for showing all this thankyou. cheeeers

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Caleb Diagnostician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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Thanks so much Bernie! Great stuff!

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Saul Owner
Houston, Texas
Saul Default

Very nice video, for a second i thought might be the pcm since is very common on Nissan when pcm is not good the fan turns on automatically but because of communication problem as you said could be any module. Another point, it takes balls to pull any connector from and srs module while ignition on. I had at least 4 customer from other shops pulling the srs module out while ignition switch is on…

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Bob Owner/Technician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Bob Default

Saul, Do you know if the modules were still bolted down when the connectors were removed? If they unbolted the SRS module and rotated it with the connector still attached, this is exactly what will happen. The module thinks the car is rolling over and deploys everything.

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