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2012 Nissan Altima 2.5L (QR25DE) (RE0F10A) — 1N4AL2AP0CN498961
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Hi, I got in over my head on this one. I was pretty sure I had done a BCM install before…pretty sure I have but this is a bit of a different scenario. I have a Consult III Plus but I don't have a subscription and can't get it because Nissan says I bought a cloned one because the Tough Book it is on doesn't have the serial number in their list. It works perfectly fine and at one point it was even getting updates from Nissan but that has ended. I can do the NATS functions no problem but this BCM evidently needs the program loaded…like the remanufacturer sent it blank. My question is: can an independent shop that has a Consult III Plus program a BCM. Second question is: is there any way I can get the file if I don't have the yearly subscription. Finally does someone have a phone number for Consult technical support so I can call them and beg.


Jeff Owner/Technician

They aren't “programmable”. There is just a configuration that you can transfer from the old BCM. What led you to understand that it is “blank”?

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Samuel Technician
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First, if you have a UN and PW to the Nissantechinfo site you can purchase any software file that they sell without a yearly subscription. The tool you have is irrelevant when it comes to purchasing a file. Second, as asked previously, why do you think the BCM is blank? Do you have any screen shots or diagnostic information to clarify and give us some direction to assist?

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John Owner
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Norman, As others have stated. Proper BCM installation would include a inhale of Configuration data from old BCM then an exhale to the new BCM. If old BCM is unavailable/doesn't communicate then a FAST link file would be needed from Nissan to properly configure module for things such as I-Key, Headlamp options, TPMS, Wipers, etc. If your Consult 3 Plus software is old it may have a manual…

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