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Just wanted to take a moment to express my thoughts on the Diagnostic Network. I attended the TST Big Event back in March of this year where Scott Brown through the Satellite system introduced this new concept. Knowing Scott like many of you and how he works VERY hard to provide the best product he can, I was willing to join and "See what Happens". I gave it a year in my mind to be anywhere near a "Return on Investment", Well here we are approximately 6 months into it and I already can not believe the AWESOME post and knowledge being shared. I see NOTHING but GREAT things happening within this Network. It is also a shame that like everything else there will be some others that will keep their time occupied by complaining about lack of information and everything else under the sun.

Thank You to everyone that is taking the time to post their GREAT information, I especially want to Thank the GREAT Group at AutoLogics for sharing some of the daily concerns that handle everyday.

I would like to challenge every member here to attempt to get a friend or co-worker to sign up and increase the enrollment, which in turn will increase the available shared information.

I see a lot of post start off with "I'm not at the level of the rest of the members, But" PLEASE don't do that, We all need and want to learn something new EVERYDAY and sharing a diagnostic procedure or information is the way that happens. I've said this MANY TIMES, When a present a diagnostic class, I will usually pick more knowledge from something someone says during the class. My Return on Investment has already been filled.

Brin Diagnostician

Jim, we're so glad that you didn't chase your dreams to be the heavy weight champion on the world. We're so fortunate to have you here with us. Thank you for the wise words and always keeping us on the right track. We're so looking forward to seeing you at Super Saturday!

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Jaime Diagnostician

I've often said to folks who attended my presentations "I hope you're able to walk away from here with valuable knowledge, obtained if not from me, but quite possibly from the person next to you or outside during break time, etc.". I'll continue with "It's guaranteed that those not in attendance, will gain NOTHING from here".

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Adrean Diagnostician

Thanks jim for the words .. this place is filled with knowledgeable people . And im Glad it isn’t like Facebook or other sites where “some“ look down on you . This site encourages you thanks I will keep posting some of my findings as well .

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William Diagnostician

Well said! It has been a great site so far and keeps getting better!!

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Scott Manager

Nice Jim, I really appreciate the reflection. There’s a ton or hard work and dedication going on behind the scenes by my crew, without them I couldn’t have made this happen. Thanks to you and all the other members who’ve come to help the cause. Tell a friend!

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