March 2020 Automotive Software & Electronics Boot Camp (Las Vegas NV)

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This event is just 60 days away! 

Event: Automotive Software & Electronics Fundamentals Boot Camp

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Dates: March 9-13, 2020

Instructor: Dr. Mark …

Pre-Requisite: None - just an eagerness to learn!

Short overview: 

The registration price includes daily lunch and all course materials. As part of the course each participant will receive a MC, software, a USB cable that they take with them when the course has been completed.

Using the popular Arduino MC, participants will be introduced to MC and electronics to build new hardware, firmware & software knowledge that can be used directly with automotive systems. This course has the following topics to address these challenges that confront automotive industry service and diagnostic professionals:

  • Microcontroller based electronics projects will be built in the class within a fun and interactive environment
  • This course will teach participants how they can inexpensively and quickly create their own testing and diagnostic tools.
  • Provide participants sufficient fundamental knowledge and skills that would permit them to develop their own microcontroller based applications and hardware interface tools that can be used for analyzing and diagnosing most automotive systems
  • Learn how external MC systems can be built to be used with a scan tool or on-board vehicle system to manipulate or change systems operation for the purposes of circuit analysis and diagnostics or building vehicle “bugs” for automotive courses

...And more!

Much more information (expanded overview, course objectives, daily activities, payment options, and more) on the registration page: futuretechauto​.​com/store/p77/swbo…

Check out this editorial in ACTION Magazine about what participants learn in the boot camp: futuretechauto​.​com/uploads/6/1/4…​.​pdf