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I had a chance today to use the new format. I had a 2015 Chrysler 200 to do a BCM replacement. Part of the replacement would require a PIN code from Tech Authority.

I am happy to report that I was successful in retrieving a key code lookup with the new 2.0 system in Tech Authority.

A couple of observations. Tech Authority layout is not conducive to the new SDRM 2.0. The part where you are supposed to input your passcode which is your Authy code is in the beginning of the form. If you would fill it in and then continue your Authy code would most definitely time out. So fill in form and then go back and fill in your passcode last. This will save you a headache you don't need out in the field.

On a side note I did put in a call to the NASTF hotline with a question and a request for a callback on 12/3 at 12:19PMEST and as of tonight I have yet to receive a callback from NASTF. Understandably. I am sure there is a backlog. I am hoping for a callback so I can get some of my questions answered. As a mobile tech there are certain unique situations I would like clarified. I have been getting calls and emails from fellow VSP's throughout the country asking me questions daily. There are a lot of great questions and suggestions out there.

I am hoping that once this 2.0 gets ironed out we can have some bargaining power with the OE's. It shows that we are willing to be professional and accountable. Maybe, perhaps we can get build data and STAR reports on Tech Authority. Or, we can get back the yearly programming subscription from GM that has been lost. I know that Canada and Fleet customers can still get a yearly subscription. Maybe VSP's that have migrated to 2.0 will be afforded this luxury as well. 

I will continue to post my experiences going forward with SDRM 2.0.

Keith Diagnostician
Staten Island, New York

How long was it before you received a return correspondence? 

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John Owner
Medford, New York


I have yet to receive any correspondence. Like I said I made the call 12/3 asking for a return call.

Last time when I was setting up my 2.0 account I requested a callback and never received one. I emailed support and received a short email well after I had my problem rectified with help from another VSP member. You can see an earlier post here on DN detailing that issue.

Keith, what do you think about my suggestions on how maybe we can use 2.0 as a bargaining chip to get much needed information or subscriptions as I detailed in my original post? 

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Lane Mobile Technician
Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you John, your passion for this industry is shown with your willingness to share your experiences and help when needed, even with your busy schedule.

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John Owner
Medford, New York

Just an update. As of this posting I have received no correspondence from NASTF.

I recalled the support line today at 12:00 EST and left another message stating that I have not received a callback from 12/3 and requesting a callback. I now have a pending D-1 that will expire in two days in my dashboard that I need clarification on as well as other questions.

I will review the youtube links tonight to maybe gain some clarification.

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