Tesla SI now Available for Purchase

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To those interested in obtaining Tesla Service Information outside of Massachusetts, you may be interested in a recent change: you can now purchase SI.

Here's the story I saw this morning from Repairer Driven News by SCRS.


David Owner/Technician
North Carolina

Tesla allows logins from all over the US and has for the last two years. They had up until 2016 only allowed IP addresses, billing and address information to come from Massachusetts. There are four types of subscriptions to be had. Car owner, Business, Insurance Adjusters and Body Shop. Body shop is the closest to what Tesla repair techs use then anything else available. Without Toolbox its a

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Scott Manager

Thanks David, I tried logging in and creating an account last year and when it came to inputting an address the only state available was MA. Thanks for showing me the screenshots, I look forward to exploring your view with you sometime in the near future!

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John Educator

Good information, It also tried to purchase service information a few months ago, but I did not think it would take my credit card information because it only listed MA as the state. With so many more Tesla vehicles on the road, it is about time everyone has access. I just tried it today, it does list all states now! Thanks Scott.

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Peter Owner
British Columbia

Available in a Canada as well in case you were wondering. I did the one hour sign up for a quick look the other night and DL’d the alignment specs and front end procedures as we have 2013 model s that needs control arms replaced. FYI, the parts are 6 weeks away.....

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