P0011 Cam Crank Relation

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P0011 - "A" Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1

hi i have a 2008 vw jetta with a 2.0 engine with code P0011 cam and crank correlation and i am lookin for a good wave form please reply if any available.

Tim Curriculum Developer
San Diego, California
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Too many 2.0L options - an engine code would help (e.g. BPY, CCTA, etc.)

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Hans Technician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Should be one in references

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Chris Diagnostician
Commack, New York
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Depending on your engine it could look like these ccta (2.0l chain driven) bpg (2.0l belt driven-chain in the back) dual vvt 20.l thanks

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Noe Technician
Chicago, Illinois
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Thanks I have betl and chain in the back

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