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2016 Ford Fusion S 2.5L (7) 6-spd (6F35)
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A question i have , the customer brought this car to us with the airbag light on, It is a salvage vehicle........... the customer replaced both Knee bags and the drivers frontal, however it still needs both Belt pretensioners, the steering column, the Pass frontal airbag and lastly the Airbag module itself.....

The kicker is that the connector at the collapsible steering shaft is ruined, as well as two connectors on the Pass frontal airbag are melted badly............ We have never used pigtails from junk yards on any airbag system to repair this issue.......... is the only way to correctly and safely repair to replace the complete wire harness assembly? Or have any of you done any splicing of these wires? If so how is the best way besides crimp and solder.........??

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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I hope this can help you and quite possibly many others that do not know of this company. They are a great resource for most connectors. aeromotive​.​us

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As far as I know manufacturers allow splicing into airbag wiring as long as is done right. Use of solder , dual wall shrink tube and wire loom where required

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SOME manufacturers. Most of the Asian cars do not allow harness repair or connector sicing at all

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Euro cars with connector issues, especially seat buckles, recommend connector bypass as a solution. A good connection is what is required, not a connector.

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I use a butane soldering iron on airbag wires so as not to accidentally trigger an airbag, with the battery disconnected.

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Findpigtails​.​com or used or Aeromotive. Ford does allow harness repair. Solder in new stuff and heat shrink

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OEM diagrams show the pigtails in the connector view Passenger airbag pigtails C256 A - BU2Z-14S411-BJA WPT-1226 C256b - BU2Z-14S411-BKB WPT-1467 or BU2Z-14S411-BKA WPT-1227 C256C - BU2Z-14S411-BHA WPT-1225 Collapsable Column pigtail C2630 - BU2Z-14S411-BNA WPT-1229 Kits should come with Dual wall hot wax heat shrink. Just solder and cover…

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You should ok, just used a good quality solder, we do it all the time, we service SRS modules also, should be part number ES7T-14B321-AA. Good luck.

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Ford does allow for splicing in airbag wiring with a specific soldering procedure that somebody has already posted. But airbag wiring repair is very specific to each manufacturer. None of the Asian manufacturers have guidance for repairing airbag wiring and necessitates complete harness replacement. Domestic all have provisions in one form or another for repair and European manufacturers are a…

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Hello to all, Well thank you to all who have responded! Especially those who sent part number of the pigtails! After i dug a bit in our SI i found the part numbers as well. But what a blessing to be able to share back and forth with you all! May the Lord Bless your day! Mervin

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