Incentive Plans for your Team

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We are talking about Incentive Pay. You will conclude from this episode that there is no silver bullet to this answer. There are a lot of moving parts to create compensation plans unique to your business culture for the results you, your employee, and team need to have to best serve your customer and to create financial rewards.

I invited a great panel to discuss incentive pay: // Seth Thorson, from EuroTech Auto Service, based in New Brighton, MN and also the owner of LMV Bavarian a BMW tech support company. Bryan Kelley is here from Valley Auto Electric, Covington, WA, Active and chairman of ASA Northwest and Bill Haas, Haas Performance Consulting.



Key talking points you can use for your next meeting agenda: remarkableresults​.​biz/a191

Rick Technical Support Specialist

Carm, and Guests, Great podcast. Great tips and advise for all. If our industry trains on this topic we will fix the no technician problem. I see an evolution here and it must be constantly presented, discussed and learned regularly. Great class or round Table for Vision and many other training expos held around the country. This should be a class offered just like direct injection, or…

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