1234 yf Leak Detectors and Training

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What is everybody using for 1234 yf leak detection sniffers​.​ Also are there any good webinar training or videos that anybody knows of.

Carlos Technician
Melbourne, Florida
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LDA1000H CPS Automotive Electronic Refrigerant Leak-Seeker and It meet SAE Approved

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Rufino Technician
Castro Valley, California
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We use Robinair LD7, so far I haven’t seen a leak, the cars I been worked on have been on a collision and new condenser has been installed.

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Albert Owner/Technician
Towanda, Pennsylvania
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As for training here's where I go they have a lot of videos for almost all the new tech. sorry forgot the link: aviondemand​.​com

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Peter Technical Support Specialist
Exton, Pennsylvania
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The current list of SAE J2913 approved leak detectors can be found at macdb​.​sae​.​org Check the box for J2913 on the left and click the search link at the top of the list. Note that the Techno Tools certification covers many different unit Branded for the Mobiles and others.

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