Hino service resets

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2010 Hino 185 4.7L (6J J05D-TA 175hp)

Hey guys.

Pretty basic stuff it’s just I’ve looked all over and can’t find any info…. All data doesn’t list these and I can find any service info. Haven’t done much maintenance on hinos cause the dealers over hear give free maintenance for like 5 years but I’m starting to do a lot more as we’ve moved to a bigger shop and a lot of our fleet clients fleets are ageing. I have a 2010 hino 185 we did an oil service and replace transmission fluid. I can’t find any info on how to reset the service lights. Any one have that info? Thanks 

Brendon Mechanic
New Zealand

If they're the same as the Isuzu Elf NPR then it should be done with the trip button for the odo. Cycle through till it gets to distance remaining, push and hold, the indicated service light should flash, release then push and hold button again to reset. From there single push of the button should cycle to the next service item. Been a few years since I've had to service trucks so memory a…

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Jake Technician

It's been a while, they updated for 2011…. It's something like this. With the information center buttons, use the “MODE” button to flip through through to maintenance 1. Use the “Select” flapper until it says engine oil. Hold the “MODE” button and the “SET/RESET” flapper simultaneously until it clears. After you do that, the transmission oil is in the same place, and uses the same…

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