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Opinions on newest tools for programming import vehicles such as volkswagon, audi, land rover etc. We are NASTF licensed just needing opinions on the latest and greatest tools that you would recommend to do the programming for keys and such when it comes to import vehicles? Thank you in advance!

Julio Owner/Technician

For VW/Audi factory ODIS is the way to go.

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David Owner

We use the Autologic and can do anything the dealer can do. Works great. Also will work on Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW. As long as you purchase the line. …

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Robert Engineer
North Carolina

Hello Ed, Honestly I have told shops unless the majority of your business is one Euro line doing keys is a major money loss. The only people that can make anything on it are the locksmiths who do it all day long, the dealer/manufacturers, and the hackers who do it to steal cars. Consider options carefully. If you can find a sublet reliable locksmith mobile service go for it. If you do VAG

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