2018 Nissan Murano rear kick sensor for trunk

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2018 Nissan Murano Platinum 3.5L (A VQ35DE) (RE0F10J)
U1927 Lin Communication

Anyone wanna weigh-in? 

I have a 2018 Nissan Murano. Problem is the kick sensor for the trunk doesn't work.

Auto back door module has u1927 LIN communication stored.

Will not clear unless - you unplug proximity (kick sensor) plug it in, clear the codes - it will work until the ignition has been cycled and the modules go to sleep. I can operate the trunk via kick sensor 20 times with no issue, once key is cycled it will set LIN communication code.

Proximity sensor is pretty simple, 3 wire, LIN, Batt and ground. Ran new wires, same problem.

Tested powers and grounds to auto back door module, tried capactive discharge, no change. 

My hypothesis was the smart key antenna gets the BCM to wake up the auto back door module via CAN, it then monitors the LIN bus comm. 

So, I couldn't decide which part was no good. Since they basically both work until they go to sleep.. 

I filled the cannon with a new Auto back door module, and new kick sensor (complete with antennas) - there were no part change up #s and the parts from Nissan were same numbers as removed.

Programmed the new Auto back door module with original consult3+ with subscription, completed configuration. (Did not copy old data incase it was currupt) performed initialization - worked for 1 key cycle - LIN communication code set again and kick function stopped.

The only wiring diagram that I find referencing the LIN bus on pin 32 of b55 connector, shows only the auto back door module and the kick sensor.

Can anyone see any other sensors on this LIN network? Once it goes to sleep, after the second ignition cycle, LIN comm basically sits at battery voltage, until I unplug kick sensor, reinstall then you can see the 2 modules talking.

Any thoughts?

Mike Mobile Technician
South Carolina

Check the latch signals on the glass and the hatch. I had a call for an 18 Murano at a body shop a few weeks back where the kick function was completely inop. If I remember correctly, the issue had something to do with the glass latch switch being stuck open. I want to say the glass wouldn't completely latch and after I took it apart and reassembled it everything worked correctly…

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