Upcoming Online Event: Domestic Driveability Case Studies, presented by John Thornton

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Domestic Driveability Case Studies

Live online class presented by John Thornton

Dates: Tuesday December 7 & Thursday December 9, 2021

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm CST both nights

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Do you ever have a tough diagnostic problem and ask yourself “Could I have missed something in my diagnosis?” In this case study based class, John will discuss a variety of diagnostic techniques used to solve a mix of difficult driveability problems found on GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles.

Case Studies are great teaching tools which can be used to explain system theory, testing techniques and data interpretation in a real-world environment. The real benefit of this class is linking the problem at hand to specific testing techniques and data interpretation to quickly lead you to the next diagnostic step and a successful repair.

Topics Covered:

  • 2016 Corvette 6.2L Misfire Issue
  • 2013 Terrain 2.4L Cold Engine Stall
  • 2014 Patriot 2.0L No Start
  • 2015 Expedition 3.5L No Start
  • 2014 Grand Caravan 3.6L Multiple Cylinder Misfire
  • 2016 Malibu 1.5L Intermittent No Start 
  • 2012 Equinox 2.4L Stalls on Acceleration 

What you get with your purchase:

  • All shop employees can watch live event in their own locations.
  • Unlimited video access after the event concludes through your … account. This means when you buy it, you can watch it whenever you want and as many times as you want.
  • Question & answer sessions during live broadcasts
  • An indexed PDF manual that provides easy access to known good scope captures and specifications.

How it will work:

  • This is a full-length class delivered over two nights. Each broadcast will start promptly at 7 PM CST.
  • On the day of each broadcast an email will be sent an hour before the event begins including how to join the event.
  • After the broadcast ends your digital copy along with the PDF manual will be found in your … account under “premium videos”

If you have any questions please give us a call at … or email:

Arsalan Owner/Technician
District of Columbia

I missed the second day seminar (12/9/2021) since I was busy, Will that video be uploaded on Automotive Seminars website for me to re-watch or I will have to purchase it again?

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