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Hello everyone, 

Back in December we announced a new message type which feeds the new "Resource Library" where members can add reference content such as waveforms, images, videos, etc. 

We recently recorded several unscripted videos with fellow founding member Robby Schrimsher covering Ford IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) and have posted them to the Resource Library. Although we currently don't have a way to drill directly into this new area, you can discover these via search. Try typing "ids video" like so:

Here is one of the videos from the series where we let the cameras roll while we investigated inoperative steering wheel radio controls along with multiple DTC's within the Front Controls Display Interface Module (FCDIM). If you're interested in learning more about IDS, you'll want to view the full details within the Resource Library so you can access complimentary assets such as the IDS Session and Log files recorded while filming.

Here's a link to the other videos within the Resource Library:





Matt Technician

Scott, I don't want to step on toes, but I had planned to make a video(not as professional as yours) on using the IDS network monitor test and it's application. However if you have already produced one, I don't want to do that. Can you let me know if you have done that already.

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Scott Manager

Hi Matt, Thanks for asking. No, we didn't cover that aspect so your proposal is welcomed and I look forward to seeing it.

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Tyler Technician
Nova Scotia

Looking forward to checking these out Scott. Nice meeting you last week

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