06 BMW 530i valvetronic fault 2A3F

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2006 BMW 530i 3.0L (N52) 6-spd (S6S37BZ)
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original faults 2a3f 2a38 2a3d. The valvetronic motor appears new of good quality. power to relay is good. Tested and found relay not grounded at ECM. plugged in a known good eccentric shaft sensor and felt relay operation at that time. replaced sensor and performed eccentric shaft sensor teach in. fault 2a3f still present. hard code. plugged in know good valvetronic motor. it operates briefly but the fault is still present. checking terminal 87 that is powered by valvetronic relay found with key on initally 12v then slowly drops all the way to .9v or less. unpinned terminal 87 from relay and this power is backfed from ecm. Suspect ECM is the cause of the issue. Any insight is appreciated.

Nicolas Owner/Technician

Hello I got a similar trouble on BMW X1. The trouble was the positive connection to battery was completely rusty under the vehicle. Clean everything and all was ok. Maybe try a voltage drop test to be sure the valvetronic is correctly connected.

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Francisco Diagnostician

I had the same problem in 2011: needing a new DME, Valvetronic motor, Valvetronic short harness, eccentric shaft, and intake camshaft. It is very common on this engine to get condensation on the intake camshaft thru the crankcase system, which will damage the camshaft and eccentric shaft. The Valvetronic motor will draw more amperage and this damages the DME.

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Matthew Owner/Technician

Main power supply originates from pyro fuse on top of battery. Reference diagram, but I believe it’s the blue connector. voltage drop between the b+ post and that connector, or between that connector and the relay are most likely your issue. that supply also runs to the back of the b+ post under the hood (smaller bolted connection below it.)

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George Technician

May have a dead valvetronic driver in dme. Send dme to SIA in Tilden Illinois with the codes and they will test and repair dme if they determine it’s repairable. And their price is affordable. If no issue they charge test fee and return postage. I’ve sent quite a few dmes to them and had great customer support with a 3-5 day turnaround on repair.

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