Balancing the Intellectual Property (IP) Scale

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In 2011, I wrote an article for Motor Magazine titled, Intellectual Property & Your Shop. I just reread it and describe it a rather condensed overview of the world of IP.

I felt compelled to research this topic and write about it for many reasons. Stories I have heard of from around the industry and some that I have been personally involved in.

Here is one from about 2005 that helped to shape my thinking about this topic: An enterprising individual bought a video and book and decided to copy it and sell it on ebay.

My wife Jacqueline, a lawyer who is in a courtroom all week, and I had a lengthy debate. My analysis was this person just did not think it through and was excited about starting his eBay store. Jacqueline says, “He knew what he was doing”. Thinking back, I believe we were both right. In this case, his excitement of starting the store skewed the balance of his decision making scale.

I have been privy to many issues over the years, and I can say for sure, that many of the cases were simply good folks with good intention who just didn’t know enough about this topic. I have certainly worn these shoes. I bet most of us have. Hopefully this article will help to bring awareness to this important topic.


Jim Mobile Technician

Jorge, I remember you and I being together at one of the Training expo's and you talking about this subject, It was about 6 months later that you actually had it out in print. I can not agree more on your thoughts. There are many times that I believe most people just don't realize the amount of time invested in research and writing technical information. One of my Mandatory request to any new

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Jorge Manager

Jim, thanks for your thoughts and sharing your story. I recall your telling me about the copied presentation incident. And thanks about mentioning the amount of work that can go into a presentation and the same for an article, a case study, etc. Often a huge hidden value that is often overlooked and not considered. Regarding sharing your presentations, you might want to look into adding a

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Scott Manager

Hi Jorge, Very thorough article and I apologize, I’m guilty of failing to have read that 7 years ago! In regards to the points raised, I suspect (know) that there are violations abundant around us. One important item that wasn’t raised, was how violations trickle down and affect us all. This is one thing that most are simply not aware of. When my wife and I were first married and shopping for

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