Tool for deactivate Speed Limit

Ulrich Owner/Technician Liebenfels, Austria Posted   Latest   Edited  

He Guys,

I'm from Austria and we import Chrysler an Dodge cars from the usa. Our problem is that the cars runs only 100 miles p hour then there is a limiter.

In Europe we can drive faster ... so we need to find a way to disable the speed limiter.

We have also a account for witech2 but we didn't find anything there.

which tools would be suitable

thanks ulrich

Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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You may want to look at HP Tuners. It is an aftermarket tuning tool that allows you to change different parameters.

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Abe Technician
Monticello, Minnesota
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I second for HP Tuners. Almost endless possibilities once you figure it out!!!

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James Owner/Technician
Pike, Pennsylvania
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Are these purchased from rental companies?

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Ulrich Owner/Technician
Liebenfels, Austria
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We buy the cars from dealers; unfortunately, we don't have such good contacts for sale

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
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Hi Ulrich: Without going off the reservation, two things come to mind. The first is to keep in mind that you should have a "BUX" (export) vehicle. Verify that you are calibrated for that. Assuming that you are not and don't see a separate calibration, you could contact Chrysler to see if they have a different Homologation calibration available for your area. wiTECH will confirm what you…

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Ulrich Owner/Technician
Liebenfels, Austria
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Hi Anthony unfortunately we buy cars for the us market, but i will try to contact witech, when the cars are here in 5 weeks. We buy a Chrysler Pacifica 2020 and a Dodge Challenger 2017. Last year we buy a Pacifica 2018, the uconnect was not intended for the eu market, so we must hack the system.

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Mike Owner/Technician
Manteno, Illinois
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Most vehicles are limited to speed in the U.S. due to speed ratings on the tires

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