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2010 Audi A4 2.0L (CAEB) (0AW)
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Hello everyone out there, I got a call today to go and program a use ECM on an Audi A4, I did a few of the old units up to 2004/5, with VCDS software, I used a pin reader tool to get the security code in order to finalize the process of the replacement module.

Now my question is, does anyone know how to program this ECM control module on this Audi?

I recently bought ODIS software from a guy that is an offline version, with flash files build in, but don’t have any experience with this software.

Any help will be appreciated.

Julio Owner/Technician
Laurel, Maryland
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I don’t think you can do security functions with a clone unit. You need GEKO login to be able to do security adaptation.

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Oscar Diagnostician
Lorton , Virginia
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thanks for replying back Julio, I do believe that I just won’t waste my time on this one!!

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Michael Mobile Technician
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Hi Oscar, Newer than around … VW/Audi vehicles have component protection and code. The vehicle you are working on should be a Bosch ME/MED17​.​xx module. In order to change VIN, Component Security and PIN you have to get the ECU into boot mode. This ECU has additional security that makes it even more difficult. In most cases this requires removing the glued on case cover

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Oscar Diagnostician
Lorton , Virginia
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Thanks for the information, I will be in touch!!

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