What's your favorite activated flux for badly oxidized boards?

Paul Owner/Technician California Posted   Latest  

I generally use “no clean” flux like Amtech NC-599, or sometimes just rosin or rosin dissolved in alcohol. These all work well for relatively clean boards, but when a board is badly oxidized, it's almost like I have no flux at all and the solder balls up not matter how much flux I apply. The solution is scraping, wire brushing, cleaning, and removing solder, applying 60/40, and repeating until there's a surface clean enough for solder to stick to. I'd like to try a more aggressive flux to see if I can save some time. 

Anyone have a favorite activated flux? What should I try first? I don't mind cleaning up after I'm done. I generally do even when using “no clean” stuff. 


Grant Technician

I don't do much circuit board work and don't have an activated flux recommendation. I have used a fiberglass pen to clean oxidized areas on boards. The kind used by auto detailers to prep metal for paint touch up application. A quick Google search and I found several options for “electronic board cleaning.”

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