"Network Diagnostic Strategies" is this week!

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Network Diagnostic Strategies for Domestic Vehicles

Live online class presented by John Thornton

This class includes CAN and LIN Bus Network diagnostics with a focus on getting answers using simple tools such as DVOM, test light, breakout box, scan tools & wiring diagrams.

The first goal of this class is to give you a good understanding of “Known Good” and once that is established, we will start to create faults to demonstrate what happens when particular problems arise. John will then move on to actual case studies of how he diagnoses different problems.

Dates: Tuesday January 25 & Thursday January 27, 2022

Time: 7 PM – 9 PM CST both nights

Cost: $100 (see package details below for a bigger discount!)

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Topics covered:

  • Basic tool usage for complex network problems
  • How to simplify your network problem
  • Identifying the test locations & how tests are done
  • Tips for understanding network wiring diagrams
  • Finding difficult to locate modules
  • 3 types of CAN busses
  • What is Fault Tolerance”
  • Understanding “Secured Gateways”
  • Case studies will include … vehicles and include problems such as no PCM communication, Blank Information Display Panels, inoperative steering wheel switch pods and several more.

The real benefit of this class is identifying the type of problem you are facing, and then applying simple testing to lead you to the fix. Although domestic examples are used the same testing procedures apply to Asian and European vehicles.

Vehicle networks are crowded with electronics; follow our path to keep things simple when diagnosing complex network issues.

How Each Event Works:

  • Each live-online event costs $100 for the entire shop
  • Each shop's technicians can be watching at the same time, from any location
  • Question & Answer sessions during live broadcasts
  • Unlimited video access after the event concludes
  • A PDF manual for the class including certificate of completion

2022 Schedule & Package Price

Diagnostic Strategies for Modern-Day Vehicle Networks, Presented by John Thornton

January 25 & 27, 2022

Driveability From the Driver's Seat: Mastering Scan Tool Data Interpretation, Presented by Brandon Steckler

March 15 & 17, 2022

Engine Mechanical Testing: In-Cylinder Pressure Diagnostics 2, Presented by John Thornton

May 3 & 5, 2022

Asian Vehicle Diagnostic Case Studies, Presented by John Thornton

June 21 & 23, 2022

Variable Cam Timing Diagnostics, Presented by John Thornton

August 16 & 18, 2022

Variable Valve Lift Diagnostics, Presented by John Thornton

October 18 & 20, 2022

Automotive Electronics: Case Studies & Troubleshooting Tips, Presented by John Thornton

December 6 & 8, 2022

Package details:

  • Buy all 7 and receive a $100 discount!
  • To get this deal, please see the bottom of this page.

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Jeff Owner/Technician

Just in case there are new techs out there who have not heard or seen of John Thorton he is one of THE BEST auto instructors !!!! No chance of attending one of his classes and not learning something that you will need and or use. FYI

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Darren Technician

Not one of the best, The Best!!!! 🤓

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