2006 dodge 1500 CAN B dead

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2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4.7L (N) 5-spd (545RFE)
No Crank / No Start

Good morning, I have this 2006 dodge 1500 that will not start. Everything on CAN B is dead. I have disconnected everything on the bus one at a time and nothing woke up. tested both high and low for short to power and ground also short together. Load tested from cluster to TIPM. can find no issue with the bus circuits. Installed different TIPM and cluster out of a working vehicle, bus did not come alive. Just to see what happened disconnected PCM and ABS module and that did not help the bus at all. I can not think of anything else that could be bringing down the bus. When key turned on the PCM has communication but there is no check engine light. The fuel gauge appears to be working, I have no PRNDL, the odometer is coming on. When I installed the cluster from the doner truck the PRNDL lit up briefly, about !-2 seconds. Any suggestions on what I am missing on this thing.




Found the problem with this Dodge. Main problem is that I am an idiot, LOL. When looking at the diagram of the data bus I kept ignoring the overhead console because I did not think it had one. Sitting in the truck scratching my head looked up at clock and said oh there is another thing not working and then the light bulb in my head went off You idiot that is a module. As soon as i unplugged it the hazard flashers came on. Turned the key and the PRNDL lit up and truck started.

Want to say thanx to all that responded as I did check everything that was suggested and started to double check everything.

Thank you all

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Don’t know BUT on some can Mopars if you have a working vehicle and you swap parts from it into another vehicle it will learn the new vehicle vin and you cannot get the right current vin back in it when you swap it back. You end up with a vin mismatch code you can’t get rid without replacing the module.

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Have you checked for voltage at any of the modules on the can b circuit? Good powers and grounds to any of those modules? Ther are known issues with water penetrating the junction block and causing issues.

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Robert Technician

For what its worth if this 4.7 truck even has them but 545RFE computes, still Hard to say with that Old CAN B you can't check at the DLC & without digging some real actual info they are a bitch to check at TIPM . But off top of my head the thing that rung a bell if applicable - is that 545RF trans and the PRNDL issue .Might be worth a look the ignition capacitors diodes fail current flows to…

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Good morning. Can you confirm whether you have communication to the TIPM with your scantool? Also if you have a scope capture of your CAN B hi and low this would help. Thanks.

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Don’t forget to mark this as solved.

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closing question as solved Thanx to all

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